Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Today I was trekking around a "Science Park" as part of a four day project in University. We weren't given much direction from our tutor, only shown slides of some artists work, which is pretty much the perfect way for me to start a project. By just wandering around aimlessly.

Anyway, the "Science Park" was actually a complex of office and lab buildings with standard carparks and grassed areas, not a large field filled with strange sculptures that demonstrate various powers of physics, which is what I envisioned when I heard the title "Science Park".

The offices were actually on the edge of a large nature reserve and the whole place was surrounded by motorway so wherever you were, the constant din of cars was audible even in the forested nature reserve. This intrigued me a lot as it reminded me of the constant rushing sound that can be heard from the factories near my house and so I recorded a few videos including this spider web with the obnoxious background noise of cars.

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