Wednesday, 12 January 2011

VHS Nostalgia reflection

The actual process of creating these collaged video's is distorted. To transfer the analogue video recordings into digital coding I have to watch the video tapes on a tiny preview screen in greyscale with no sound. I have control of where I stop and start, rewind and fast forward the recording.
This seems to make references to the physical aspects of memory and the choices we make of what we will remember. The more we replay memories in our minds, the stronger the links between the neurons become.

Concerning the domination of advertisements in the videos, they are seen as the inconvenience of video recordings, the fast forwarded part of a tape collection but these are what I think of when I recollect my childhood memories.

I'm most pleased with the bursts of dialogue that rise from the control of the "deaf" recording, they make me think of the random nostalgia that arises from memory triggers in our everyday lives.

I need to think more about the actual concept of a recording particularly this power to record and perpetuate a physically paused image.
Right now these videos seem very complicated to me.

It seems I'm recording a recording of a recording to induce nostalgia which is the replaying of familiar encoded (recorded) experience in my brain.