Monday, 14 March 2011

Caerfai Bay

4 of 38 photos taken in Caerfai Bay near St Davids in West Wales.
I intended to use the double exposure technique from my previous photographic work but when I got to the beach I found a mirror in my bag and used it in front of the camera lens trying to create distorted and impossible geological structures.
Yashica and 200 iso film.

I still have another film to process which are double exposures but taken with my diana mini and a black and white film which I have some more experimental plans for. Quite excited about those.

Performance as Propaganda

Raw documentation of the performance I made with artists Laura Gardener and Sara Thormann as part of The Shrine Collective
I used these images along with these comment slips to make a newsletter for the ficticious Winchester Ladies Club.

Performances will inevitably become the material that is archived from them. The effect and perception of the actions will be determined first by its spectators but it is the documentation that endures. The surviving documents and archives the artist is in complete control of the events that took place.

Saturday, 5 March 2011