Thursday, 25 November 2010

My double exposed images as a film of slides. I looped this and showed it as a projection of about 1.5m wide.
Seeing the images in motion swallowing and regurgitating endlessly and silently has given me a new direction for my work.
Combining movement with silent monochrome I'm trying to present memory as a constant replay of non existent images.
I may progress these images further through slideshows and experiment with afterburn effects on the eyes.

Sunday, 14 November 2010


2 weeks ago I traveled back to my home in Wales to take some double exposure photography exploring memory and its distortion of the familiar.
I was aiming to get back some prints which would help me to understand and better represent the distortion of overlain memories that I experience when walking through areas I have known ever since I had the ability to.
These are the scans of the negatives I took using a Yashica, can't remember the model name. They are black and white but I scanned them in colour and I'm warming towards the brownish colouring some of them have.

The main bulk of the photos I took are of a section of my favourite mountain walking route. I took photos of familiar markers along the trail until my film ran out then I put the wound up film back in and walked back along the same way and found more of my favourite scenes along the road.
I used mainly compositions of empty road and pylons to create some sense of interminable memory, boundless in my mind.
The intrusions of lines and shapes are mostly down to chance as I did not know which images of the walk would overlap each other. I could only control the images I regarded as worth capturing. I like the layering process and the fact that each shape in the images is determined by its twin image of the return journey.

These are really pleasing so I may repeat the process with some more parts of my home territory.

The only problem is that most of the photos have no discernable borders which presents a problem when I want to take them to print so I need to find out if and how you can print entire strips of negative.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Chemistry of memory

I'm very intrigued at the moment at the biology and chemistry of memory. I've been researching in as far a depth as I can understand and now I've come back down to single atoms. Sodium and Potassium atoms to be precise. These are the atoms that flow in and out of the axon of a neuron (an electrically excitable cell) and transmit information received from sensory stimulus.

Creating long term memory is about synthesis and strengthening of proteins and the more times neurons transmit impulses the stronger they get
. Ergo these tiny atoms are what creates the memories I hold inside my mind. Tiny elements inside the cells in my body inside the food that I eat, inside the rocks of the earth that I walk on.

I'm not really sure what to do with this information yet but it may well involve some geological research of the rocks of my hometown.

current Project: Memory

I want to make sense of memory. Represent and organise my own memories and their semiotic relevance both within my mind and in context of outside memory "trigger" stimulus.
So far I've been:

  • sketching memories that I recall upon experiencing triggers in my day to day life.
  • Using experimental photography and painting to look for methods of representation
  • Anaylising the biological mechanics of memory formation and recollection.
  • Creating memory triggers in the form of bottled "perfumes"
  • Researching the history of memory representation in art
image from my sketchbook analyzing recollection and train of thought