Sunday, 10 October 2010

Science Park Sculptures

So after reflecting on the things I saw in the science park I came to the conclusion that parks, and gardens in general area bit Heimlich.
The layout of most recreational land in urban areas is quite geometric. Nature is forced into small spaces that cannot accommodate it sufficiently despite our best attempts.
Such as trying trees to walls....
Thinking about the way we destroy the wild and then cram our own synthetic cultivated version of it back into the spaces around our constructions I made some bricolage sculptures using the plants and fruit and the man made constructs around the site.
I tried to use symmetrical shapes and patterns in these sculpture/drawings to demonstrate the unsuitability of the materials to achieve such arrangements.


  1. I really like these. You put one of them twice though. You should definitely exhibit these. My favourite is the smashed apple.

  2. Oh yeah, the picture uploader was having a paddy.
    Thanks, I like the bleeding berries best. Any ideas on the size of the pictures, I need to get them printed and I'm at a complete loss.