Wednesday, 6 October 2010

The Science Park continues

First day at the Science Park also yielded these observations:
  • That placing a bench somewhere automatically renders whatever it's facing WONDEROUS. I mean seriously, I think every tree has something interesting about it, but is this "sculpture" really worthy of my attention? Is it really worthy of my sitting down attention?

  • Gardens and parks are strategically placed in urban area's because people need to have organic "greenery" (as its labeled) in their environment or they become depressed or something along those lines. That's probably true but gardens and parks are just plants etc shoved into geometric shaped area's that they don't really fit into which require constant "maintenance".
  • The layout of such parks and gardens often seems as though its attempting to look natural as though when the buildings were constructed on untamed land these little sections of wildness were spared to thrive among the amazing buildings, roads and amenities. In reality, the whole place would have been leveled then turf chucked into some spare areas with trees planted on top in symmetrical rows. Then obviously this looks AMAZING so you'll need a few benches so people can sit down, catch their breath and really appreciate the immense beauty of nature captured in a garden like this......

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