Sunday, 24 October 2010

Supermarket abandon

While shopping I've always noticed and puzzled at the frequent and rather illogical abandonment of certain items on supermarket shelves.

It seems to me that people have discarded these items in favor of the products around them. It seems just plain bizarre that someone would decide milk was suddenly unnecessary and that a chicken must replace it. It makes me think of the trivialities and conversation of people both internal and external that have decided on the abandonment of these things.

So I'll just keep documenting and archiving, every time I see them. With the hope that one day I will make a lovely book from them.


  1. I like these, especially the first.

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  4. 'This was before he realised that abandoning his Galaxy bar would not leave enough room in his basket for 15 bottles of Becks...'

    Sorry :]. I like this project. I appreciate the documenting of these solitary items. They seem to take on a bit of character/memory. In fact, I used to do the same thing with certain items that kept recurring on the street...

    Hope you're well
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