Saturday, 12 February 2011

Lack of direction

I need to have a major review of my work. I'm lacking clarity and direction in my painting work, I've had a lapse in concentration and its beginning to grate on me now.

I feel like it's better to stop and sit down on the side of a road and regenerate the energy to walk with ferocity than to continue lumbering along without the strength to raise my eyes and observe. On the other hand, when your alarm clock in the morning goes off the longer you stay in bed the more tired you are when you try and get out.

So sitting on the side of the road is what I suppose I will have to do. And look down the way I came and think about what happened before I got to the side of the road.
Now, if there was a fork in the road at least my indecisiveness would keep me enthralled for a while.....

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