Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Above is my "Precious Memories" piece, the cabinet of scents I've been working on in the group exhibition that was organised as a part of my course.
The exhibition I was involved in seemed to be a great success on the whole, despite a few issues concerning the space. We used a photography studio in the university building to exhibit work which meant a lot of unattractive fixings remained in the room.

The theme of the exhibition was the senses and so I was showing my cabinet of collected scents. Visually the piece worked really well in relation to the work other people were showing, particularly with the beautiful projection and the eerie sound piece that filled the room. However , the piece seems to suffer because of its dependence on the audience. I'm finding it difficult to initiate the interaction that it requires.

There were about 15 group exhibitions on throughout the campus for one week and these are just a few images of my favorite pieces from other peoples exhibitions. There was a lot of other really good work but I'm really trying not to take photos of stuff lately, particularly digital.

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