Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Experiment with lighting

I hung some paintings I have been working on recently in a secluded space away from my studio clutter. Mostly this was to see how they hang together.
The space was small and cosy but lacked sufficient lighting that is needed to display paintings properly. Then I started thinking more about the "proper" ways to hang and light paintings.
Paintings in National museums are often lit very specifically from different angles with varying diffusion in order to highlight certain parts of an image. In a way this means that the lighting is a secondary layer to the painting, akin to glazing in some way.

I had the idea to attach fairy lights onto my paintings, simply because I wanted to see what would happen. The effect of the lights in localized areas of the paintings worked well they added a new depth and reality. However as whole objects they were very scrappy with references to christmas that were just a bit too blatant.

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